faber m (genitive fabrī)

artisan, craftsman, architect, creator, maker, artificer, forger, smith

workmanlike, skillful, ingenious

A Little About FABER Inc.

When you ask, “Who are you guys?”, a lot of companies might start by listing all their experience and highlighting all the “success” they have enjoyed over the years. Many will tell you how abundantly qualified they are and promise to “exceed” every one of your expectations. About FABER Inc., we would like to start by thanking all the countless individuals who have trusted us with their construction needs, or have helped directly and indirectly in these endeavors. Through the years our team has worked for and beside many accomplished and talented people. We value these associations and strive to build strong relationships with others who share our philosophy of hard work and honesty.

Over several decades, the tradition of quality work, honest and open business practices, and a determination to make every project a positive experience for our clients, has engendered trust and confidence in our most important member of our company, you the customer.

At FABER Inc. the principle associates are career professionals who love what they do and are always eager to grow and develop new skills. We constantly look to be at the forefront of construction efficiency, “green” building practices and new methods and materials.

FABER Inc. is a “general contractor” which means you will have a professional working for you with the breadth and knowledge to recognize critical challenges before they impact your schedule or bottom line. The idea of “on budget” and “on time” is not a catchy phrase, it is how we start and finish. If you are looking for an on-site partner who will be hands on from initial budgeting and estimating through final punch list, inspections and even the warranty period after, then please consider our team.