Commercial Construction Services

Finding The Right Contractor For Denver Commercial Construction in Denver

Choosing the right contractor for commercial construction services in Denver can be difficult, but it is crucial to a project's success. For business owners and decision makers, it can be daunting to consider the availability of contractors, along with each company's reputation and experience. Below are a few tips to help business owners choose the right partner for a commercial construction project.

  • Consider the Design/Build Model
    Design/build is becoming a common method for new construction, renovations, and expansions for a variety of reasons. Collaboration between the builder and the owner can optimize quality and achieve budget goals during design and pre-building, and it results in fewer change orders that can cause delays and cost overruns. Secondly, with the design/build model, there's a single entity responsible for issues related to construction and design, which allows the owner to focus on his or her business. Finally, because design, bidding, and construction can overlap, the process is typically completed faster. FABER Inc. is an experienced design-build contractor in the Denver metro area and front range communities.
  • Ask for References
    The SBA (Small Business Administration) recommends asking for references business owners can contact to verify the quality of a contractor's work. A property owner can learn about projects they've admired and ask the contractor how those principles can be applied to the current project. Past work quality is a primary indicator of future performance, and gathering input from trustworthy sources can give a business owner insight into the process of Denver commercial construction.
  • Check the Contractor's License and Qualifications
    Licensing requirements vary by location. Business owners should check with the Denver building department in the project's jurisdiction to determine licensing requirements. In addition to a current license, a commercial contractor should have adequate general liability, property damage, and worker's compensation coverages.
  • Read Online Reviews
    When business owners choose a commercial contractor for commercial construction, they should read reviews and ratings left by others. While no company is perfect, those with numerous poor reviews should be avoided. The Better Business Bureau and other consumer groups can give potential customers insight into a contractor's complaint history, and online ratings can provide the client with unbiased feedback from the public.

While Denver commercial construction can be a complex process, these tips can help a business owner when it's time to enter an expansion phase. With the knowledge provided here, the owner can lay the foundation for success from the beginning of the project to its end. Let our knowledge speak for itself, contact us today.