Denver High Efficiency Construction

Eco-friendly and high efficiency construction are not just buzzwords, they are concepts many people are embracing as they begin to understand that today’s actions can affect future generations. Climate change, resource depletion, and pollution are challenges everyone must face, and home builders are rising to those challenges by using green materials to build high efficiency homes in Denver.

Rely on FABER Inc for Denver High Efficiency Construction and Green Building Expertise

  • High Efficiency Construction Company
    Though growth and development don't have to come at nature’s expense, they frequently do. To meet the increasing demand for new homes, many developers and builders have put up homes without giving much thought to the environment. Generally, FABER Inc. will look for ways to protect vegetation and trees to the extent possible, while practicing the highest level of home efficiency and renewable construction practices
  • Focus on Usefulness Without Sacrificing Comfort
    The eco-friendly building concept is focused largely on mitigating the environmental effects of the construction process while increasing the efficiency of water and energy systems. To decrease waste and save on utility bills, a green home should include features such as upgraded insulation and energy-efficient windows.
  • Consider the Family’s Carbon Footprint
    Sustainable homes can significantly reduce a family’s carbon footprint. FABER Inc. on behalf of the buyer, checks the efficiency rating of things like windows, HVAC system, and insulation. Over the past few years, advanced framing systems have reduced air leakage, and builders are now installing high-SEER air conditioning units that allow homeowners to decrease their environmental impact and save on utilities at the same time.
  • Energy-Efficient Features and Eco-Friendly Accessories
    When a family looks for an environmentally friendly home, they should consider features such as lighting alternatives, motion-sensing light switches, water-saving toilets and shower heads, programmable thermostats and Energy Star certified appliances. Green décor can help a buyer make environmentally sound choices. Most green homes include features such as room dividers made from sustainably sourced or recycled wood. Our company is focused on providing the Denver metro area and front range communities with high efficiency options.

Though buying an energy-efficient and eco-friendly home is important, buyers should not forget about their other priorities, such as budgeting, the quality of local schools, as well as closeness to work, shopping, and other important places. Remodeling an existing home or building an eco-friendly house from scratch are two things buyers can do to turn their green dreams into realities. Let us help you do so, contact us today.